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Find All Your Beloved Tea Blends

Come to your local shop, GW Gourmet Coffee & Tobacco, to try over 25 varieties of custom blend teas. We stock our shelves with great tea accessories like infusers, teapots, and even French presses.


From green teas to great tasting medicinal teas, we have a wide selection of blends that everyone can enjoy. We only offer quality teas made from the best leafs.


If you're searching for a present, then check out our Joy of Tea. This tea gift is a 24 variety pack with many styles and flavors.

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Choose From A Wide Selection Of Loose Teas

  • Green and regular teas

  • Harney and Sons Teas

  • Hot chocolates

  • Leaf and pre-packaged chai

  • Traditional medicine teas

  • Yerba Mate and gourds health tea

Find Herbal, Medicinal, And Green Teas To Satisfy All Your Tea Needs At GW Coffee & Tobacco!

Serving St. Cloud And Its Surrounding Areas



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